BITTY BITS MOSAICS is the creative heart work of Patsy, a woman who describes herself as a passionate collector of “Everything!”. Patsy’s playful artistic spirit and her love of all things vintage found a perfect partnership in the world of mosaics. She uses carefully chosen bits of china plates, ceramic and glass tiles, handmade glass beads and specialty fused glass components in her mosaics.

Patsy starts by creating detailed plans for her mosaic wall pieces. A wooden panel acts as the base for the ceramic and glass tiles she builds the design with. After the tiles are in place, she works grout into the spaces between the tiles. After the surface is meticulously cleaned, the rich colors and patterning of the tiles is showcased by the grout lining.

Every bit of scrap material is saved. Patsy transforms the ceramic and glass scraps into meticulously cut chips that are used for mosaic pendants, bracelets, earrings and ornaments.

Patsy is also a lamp work glass artist. Working with a torch and canes of colored glass, Patsy makes bits of brilliant color that she uses as accents touches in her mosaics, and bead work for a line of jewelry she creates.

Using a variety of mold making methods and a kiln, Patsy is able to create slumped glass tiles. These thick, textured forms are artworks in their own right, and are also used as components of Patsy’s mosaics.

Patsy’s wall mosaics are finished with a permanent frame and come ready to hang. Small sculptural works are free standing.


BITTY BITS mosaics are memorable additions to any environment. You can count on their high quality craftsmanship to withstand the test of time, and you can count on their artistry and whimsical spirit to create smiles for generations!